Singaporean Man With C-cup Breast Implants Wants Bigger Breasts

Kurt Tay Breasts
The difference between Kurt Tay and trannies (or ah guas as Singaporeans so fondly refer to them) is that Kurt has no desire to become a woman at all even though he did went for a SGD $4,100 (RM 10,250) breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok. So what's the deal with this busty man?
Before the 27-year-old superstar-wannabe bought his silicone tits, he had already gained notoriety by purchasing a full-page advertisement about himself in a magazine last year and advertisements in the newspaper describing himself as "Handsome, Charming & Dashing Superstar Kurt Tay".
Kurt proudly flaunted his spanking new boobies in a YouTube video titled “Superstar Kurt Tay:Hi!Can u sign d petition?Support Men with breast implant!” that he filmed in a public handicap toilet, appealing for Singaporeans to sign a petition to change how society views men with breast implants.
In the video, Kurt expresses his indignation with how he gets discriminated against for having breast implants calling it “ridiculous”, “unfair”, and “not right”. He also mentions that he has always wanted to have breasts ever since he was a child, but has no intentions of becoming a woman at all. He is sexually attracted to women but feels that “men have the same equal right to have breasts, men have the same right to enjoy having breasts, to feel the shiokness of having breasts”.
Kurt Tay Breasts
The boob-alicious security guard wrote on his Facebook page on 31st May 2013 that he has given up on finding a Singaporean girlfriend, and is instead going to get a mail-order bride before Chinese New Year 2014.
His rational for rushing the wedding is so that he can salvage his relationship with his mother who was devastated when she learned from the newspapers that her heterosexual son went for a boob job. He reckons that having a wife would also put an end to his relatives' criticisms of his breasts.
He posted a few photos of the girls he was considering to take as his bride, admitting that not only would one of them be his wife, she would also be his first girlfriend. He has already made plans to get bigger breasts after he gets married, and even added that he would pay for his wife's boob job if she wants one too. By increasing his breast size, he is not only doing it for his own gain, he also has it in mind to bring glory and pride to Singapore as he wishes to be submit himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for the man with the biggest rack in all of history.
"Handsome, Charming, Dashing, Busty, Kawaii & Funny Superstar Kurt Tay upcoming plans reveals! Im now working v hard 2 raise $ & I target 2 buy a 18yrs old Vietnamese wife in January 2014! Cause Jan2014 is Chinese New Year, I needs 2 get a wife so that my mother has "face" or else she will feels "lose face" if Im single & relatives during CNY wait keeps asking y her son got breast, wait my mother sad.
So, by having wife, they will hav nothing 2 say, it will show Im a normal person. My wife will be my 1st girlfriend! As I never hav gf in my life! I join SDN events 4 abt 8 to 10yrs already. I hav fail over 1000times chasing Spore girls! So I give up already! I will buy 18yrs old: Cute, Sweet, Young, Pretty, Busty! I will love my wife v much. My wife will be d most wife in d world!
Then I will convince my wife 2 let me upsize my breast from 395cc (C Cup) to 800cc (G Cup). I hoped my wife will allow me 2 upsize my breast. I hav 2 married 1st, then upsize, cannot upsize before marriage cause my mother will be sad, but if I married & I upsize, my mother wont be that sad cause I already married.
I will go Thailand with my wife (If my wife wants 2 upsize 2 G Cup, I will pay 4 her too, then 2gether we both G Cup!) Then I will call US & apply 4 d Guiness World Record as "The Man/Husband/Father" with d Largest Boobs (G Cup) in d World!
Then not only wll I be famous in Spore, but also International Worldwide as The Largest Boobs Man! I willl done Spore proud, done ALL men & my family proud by making history breaking in d Guiness World Record!"
Kurt Tay Breasts
Meanwhile, Kurt and his mother has been seeking professional help together, and his mother has since started talking to him again, although she insists that he dresses more conservatively and not wear tight t-shirts out in public.
He has tried explaining to his mother the difference between transvestites, transsexuals, and men who simply feel the need to have womanly breasts. He has also reassured her that he would not be going for a sex change as he does want to father children.
Kurt informed his shrink that his desire to have boobs has always been on his mind since he was a little boy as he associates breasts with confidence and power.
In one of his Facebook rants, he wrote: “Ah Gua & Men with Boobs r 2 different things! Ah Gua means go outside dress like women, wear heels, walk like women. Men with boobs r just men with breast, wearing man attire. D only difference is Men with boobs got breast. Just cause u got boobs means u Ah Gua? So fat man got boobs also call Ah Gua? Its unfair 2 say this!”
Well... the world could not possibly get any weirder. Therefore we wish Mr. Kurt Tay all the breast with his future endeavors.
Check out the video below of Kurt's plea for help.
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