14 True Love Stories

So Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we would like to share with you these awesome real-life stories told by random people all around the globe to reignite your hope for love in this seemingly desolate world. These days, it seems like true love is simply a myth and romance fades with time what with married couples always divorcing and spouses cheating on one another. These fairy-tale like love stories told by average people speaks of everlasting love that actually exists in this time and age. Prepare your tissues for these stories have all them feels.
1. When my sister was younger, she came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. I asked her why. She told me there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to befriend him. Today I stood beside her at their wedding watching her sign “I do”.
2. I was on the bus on my way to the mall, when a homeless man sat next to me. He saw that I was looking at the bouquet of flowers he held, and told me that they were for his wife because today is her birthday. As he got off the bus, he walked into the cemetery and placed the flowers on his wife's grave.
3. My boyfriend was eager to met my Mom, despite my various protests. I pulled into the parking lot of the cemetery where she's buried, expecting him to completely freak out. When we approached her grave, he sat down, said hello, and talked with her for an hour about how lucky he was to have me.
4. Today I was at the grocery store with my mom. As we were pushing our cart, I heard a woman sobbing. I turned around. There stood a couple, linked arm in arm, the woman laughing so hard she was crying, and the man with two carrots stuffed up his nose, laughing as well. They were about eighty years old.
5. A boy and girl met when they were 12, started dating when they were 14. Her father sent her off to college far away to separate them, but they still found a way back to each other and were married. My grandparents have been together for 55 years.
- Mer
6. 2 years ago, he sat behind me in class. 18 months ago, I have him his first kiss. 12 months ago, my leukemia came back. Yesterday, he gave me his kidney. We're still in high school.
7. Recently, I tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. My boyfriend saved me by jumping in after me and pulling me out. When I woke up in the hospital he was in a hospital bed next to mine as he had suffered a minor concussion. He looked at me, smiled, and said “I promised I'd always catch you.”
8. My grandpa is 85 years old. Today, I just found out that ever since his wife, his true love, had died, he put roses on her grave every Sunday. The drive is 2 hours away from where he lives. She was 29 when she died.
9. I was at the mall the other day when I saw an old couple sitting together. The man looked over and the woman and said, “Jane we did it. We grew old together.” The look in her eyes.
10. When my gram was 85, she got breast cancer. She fought so hard and beat it because she was worried that my grandfather did not know how to use the dishwasher. She is still alive today at 92.
11. Five years ago, I witnessed an overweight girl being harassed. A group of “popular girls” had pulled down her pants while we were leaving school. The girl grabbed her pants and ran away crying. Our school's star quarterback chased after her to comfort her. I just came back from their wedding.
12. 21 years ago, a pregnant woman, Carla, went to a doctor who told her that her baby would have mental illnesses and possibly Down Syndrome. The doctor heavily encouraged her to have an abortion but she refused. I will be a perfectly normal 21 year old in August.
- K
13. A long time ago, I was on the verge of committing suicide when a guy came to the roof to have lunch. He saw me climbing over the railing and asked me to share his lunch with him. After receiving my puzzled look, he explained, “Everyone should die happy. Or at least with a full stomach.” We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month.
14. My best friend's grandma had been fighting Alzheimer's for about 10 years, and she barely remembered her husband of 64 years. Last night, she miraculously found her husband's hospital room (he was dying of cancer) and climbed into his bed. They died together that night.

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