10 Heartwarming Facts About Love

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Valentine's day is just tomorrow and we hope that you are in the mood for some romance. If not, here are 10 facts that will put you in the mood for some lovin'.
1. The urge to fall in love is primitive and biological
Love contrary to what some bitter, skeptical hermits might think is not derived from the influence of fairy-tales and pop culture. Just like sex and hunger, the drive to fall in love is both primitive and biological. In biological terms, scientists have reduced love to a matter of dopamine (a naturally-produced chemical that serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain), but love is not just all about a matter of chemicals produced by your brain, it is actually more than that. What actually triggers the dopamine release is something more spiritual that ends up enduring a the existential.
2. Monogamous relationships exist throughout the animal kingdom
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Some might think that love is just something created and personified by humans, and it has been deemed so in most societies that monogamous relationships are the way to go. However, there are many types of animals (other than humans) that actually fond a bond with their partners and mate for life, speaking volumes of true fidelity. Some of these species who practice monogamous relationships are swans, penguins, wolves, gibbons, ducks, foxes, mountain lions and eagles.
3. When you look into the eyes of someone you love, the both of your hearts beat as one
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As corny as it sounds, it has actually been proven by a scientific study. The study conducted by physiologists showed that in a couple, the heart rates of a man and a woman are in sync. So yes, cheesy, romantic songs are true in the fact that when you're involved in a romantic relationship, your heart beats as fast as your partner's.
4. Physical contact with your significant other acts as a painkiller
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Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers and can help relieve a headache or bad stomach cramps. Holding hands with someone you love can also alleviate physical pain as well as stress and fear.
5. Love makes you slightly OCD
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Love causes a drop in serotonin. People with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is known to have low levels of serotonin. Therefore, being in love literally causes you to be obsessed with your partner. Don't worry though, the decrease in serotonin only occurs when you are thinking or looking at your sweetie, and the difference in serotonin is too slight for you to be diagnosed with OCD.
6. Falling in love feels the same as a cocaine high
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Being in love and taking cocaine both produce the same neurological effects which causes the brain to be inundated with an abundance of dopamine. The more dopamine that floods the brain, the more “high” you feel. This is the exact same process that accompanies a cocaine high.
7. Your brain only sees the good, not the bad in your new love
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When you start falling in love with someone new, your brain suppresses the instinct to make critical social judgments that you would make towards anyone else. Which somewhat explained Selena Gomez's horrible pick of partner in the past.
8. A heartbreak could really hurt
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Heartache is as real as the pain from falling down. Being rejected or dumped sparks strong activity in the parts of the brain associated with physical pain.
9. Men are more emotional than they portray themselves to be
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According to statistics, men are quicker than women to say “I love you” in relationships. On average, men take only 88 days to tell their partner that they love them while women take a whooping 134 days. And a separate study conducted deduced that men are also more emotionally affected when relationships end, just that they do not really let it show or talk about it.
10. Men who kiss their wives live 5 years longer than men who don't
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Literally the kiss the life. A study conducted during the 1980's found that men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer, get into fewer car accidents, and have a higher income than married men who don't. So pucker up boys, if you have no desire to die a premature death.
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