Adorable Baby Bear Rescued After Found Crying and Hugging Dead Mother in the Wild

baby bear
An orphaned black bear cub was brought to a rescue center after a kind stranger found the inconsolable baby crying and clinging onto the carcass of its mother in the wild.
The female cub, named Tahoe after a great lake situated beside the rescue center, was left on the driveway of Bear League, California following a tip-off from an anonymous caller. Tahoe's sympathetic rescuer did not gave much details, all he said was that he found the cub crying and hugging her dead mother more than 400 miles away and could not bring himself to just leave her there.
baby bear
It is believed that the man who called the rescue center was the same person who dropped her off on 16 April. The man told the staff at Bear League that he initially called the authorities at first but they told him to just leave the bear alone. He said that his conscience simply would not allow him to turn away from the baby, knowing that if he left her there, she would have died.
Staff at the Bear League have now cared for cuddly Tahoe for a month now and will release her back into the wild should she be ready to leave next year.
baby bear
Bear League employees brought Tahoe to the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center where she was thoroughly examined by a vet and deemed to be in the pink of health, weighing in at 2.4kg at approximately 10 weeks old.
Since then, the Bear League's Facebook page has been dedicated to updating Tahoe's many new fans with her developments.
One post on 8 May reads, “Important Day in the Life of Baby Tahoe: This is what we've been waiting for... Little orphan cub 'Tahoe' started learning how to drink her baby bear formula from a bowl yesterday (but didn't do so terribly well) was much better. And since it is nice today she is now outside in the big outdoor enclosure being a Big Brave Bear. She will come in later because it will get too cold when the sun starts to go down, but for now you can watch her live on the webcams by going to click on webcams and look for her on cameras #5 and 8. Sit back and enjoy the show.”
Yes, if you can't get enough of this little cutie, you can stalk her on Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care's live webcams where you might get to see Tahoe playing in her enclosure.
baby bear
Ann Bryant, executive director of the Bear League, has called on the mysterious hero to come forward so they can decide where to drop Tahoe off next Spring or Summer when she is big enough.
The caller previously told the Bear League he found the baby bear near the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which is nearly 400 miles away from the facility.
baby bear
Even though Tahoe might be super tiny now, black bears like her grow at staggering rates. In just a year's time, she could weigh 24.5kg. A female adult black bear from California will weigh around 58kg.
Meet Tahoe the baby black bear from the video below!
Information Source: Daily Mail

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