7 Hottest Transsexual Female Models Around The World

transsexual models
Just so we are clear, these transsexual female models mean that they were born with male reproductive organs at birth and have since decided that they prefer to be female, not the other way around. Check out the top 7 hottest transsexual models, you might be in for a huge surprise to find that they are actually so much hotter than a lot of supermodels born female.
1. Carmen Carrera, U.S.A.
Carmen Carrera
28-year-old Carmen Carrera is an American reality TV star and drag performer who is known for appearing on the third season of the Logo reality TV series “RuPaul's Drag Race”, where she became famous for her flawless figure, never-ending legs and beautiful face. Carrera very quickly became a fan favorite and the program even brought her back for another chance after her first elimination in the third season.
Carrera announced herself transsexual in 2012 and begun transitioning into a female. Her decision had caused much chaos and pain in her life, but it was worth it in the end. Carrera became extremely famous in the fashion world, appearing on the cover page of several luxury magazines. She has also strutted down the catwalk in the prestigious L.A. Fashion Week.
2. Jenna Talackova, Canada
Jenna Talackova
Canadian model, Jenna Talackova got the attention of the media in 2012 when she successfully waged a legal battle to be allowed to qualify as a contestant in the Miss Universe Canada pageant after being initially turned away for being transgender.
After previously competing in the 2010 Miss International Queen pageant for transgender and transsexual women in Thailand, Talackova registered to compete in Miss Universe Canada 2012. After she was selected as one of the Top 65 applicants who would proceed to the pageant, a person who recognized her from Miss International Queen contacted the Miss Universe Canada organizers and Talackova was disqualified on the grounds that the pageant rules required its competitors to be “naturally born” women.
Talackova's lawyers took on the case and challenged the pageant organizers, including Donald Trump in his capacity as owner of the international Miss Universe organization, to reverse the decision and allow Talackova to compete. They successfully managed to do that and at the pageant on May 19, 2012, Talackova made it into the Top 12, but failed to reach the Top 5. She was, however, one of four contestants awarded the title of Miss Congeniality. Talackova is also getting her own reality TV show, which is set to air on E! this fall. 
3. Ines Rau, France
Ines Rau
Ines Rau is a striking transgender 24-year-old French model based in New York City. She is of North African descent. The Paris-born model was sure of her sexuality and went underwent gender reassignment surgery at the tender age of 16. She took on modeling after a talent scout in Paris discovered her.
Her modeling career has been progressing very smoothly and she has had a lot of great photoshoots for leading magazines such a Lurve and American Playboy.
4. Nong Poy, Thailand
Nong Poy
Thailand has no shortage of transgender/transsexual women, or as the Thai people call them, “ladyboys”. The most beautiful and famous one of them all is Nong Poy a.k.a. Treechada Petcharat. The 28-year-old Thai actress, singer and model who had a sex-change operation at the age of 17. Unlike most transgender women, Nong Poy did not have any plastic surgery done to her face. She was naturally born as a very pretty boy.
Two years after the transformation, Nong Poy participated in the “Miss Tiffany’s Universe”, a beauty contest for transgendered people held annually in Pattaya, Thailand since 2004. Nong Poy successfully won the beauty pageant and had done herself proud at the age of 19. In the same year, Nong Poy won the title of “Miss International Queen” which also took place in Pattaya in 2004. 
Over the past few years, Nong Poy has proved to the world that her “reborn” beauty combined with her intelligence and efforts was greatly appreciated and accepted by the people of Thailand. The angel-face beauty is also rumored to be engaged to a Thai actor.
5. Lauren Foster, South Africa
Lauren Foster
Lauren Foster is one of the world's most well known transgender women. The 57-year-old South African model is one of the first of her kind to pose for VOGUE magazine (Mexico). Through her early years and puberty, Foster identified as a female and was diagnosed with Klinefelter's syndrome, where, instead of having the traditional XY chromosome pattern, she had the genotype XXY.
Lauren started working as a model in Johannesburg and then Paris and was featured regularly in magazines and advertisements. However, she was disqualified from the Miss South Africa Pageant. Her big break was in 1980 when she was hired by Vogue to do a six page fashion editorial. In 2000, she began working with the iconic performer Grace Jones. In 2001, Foster appeared in a cameo in Dirk Shafer's movieCircuit.
She lives in Miami Beach and Cape Town and is married. She also is the first transgender woman to be featured regularly on 'The Real Housewives' franchise. 
6. Amelia Maltepe, Bamgladesh
Amelia Maltepe
Amelia Maltepe grew up in a traditional Bangladeshi home but she moved to Toronto in 2009 to study and that is when her whole world changed. The 23-year-old glamor model said that her eyes were opened to the possibility of transformation, and she began a curse of hormones to alter her body to a more feminine figure. Two months later, she went for a boob job. She spent a total of $10,000 to give herself massive 34D breasts, and more than $3,000 on laser hair removal.
Amelia has been appearing in glamor shoots in hopes of making it in the modeling world. And even though she was born male, she has her mind set on winning the coveted Miss World title. Amelia has yet to have full gender reassignment surgery, but she lives as a woman with her personal trainer and boyfriend Charles.
7. Valentijn De Hingh, Netherlands
Valentijn De Hingh
Valentijn De Hingh is a 21-year-old transgender model who has been followed as part of a documentary about the life of a transgender child, including all of the difficulties and stigmas that they often face. Valentijn was an 8-year-old boy when she was filmed for the first time. Initially, the filming was for a television program about gender identity disorder in children.
Documentary maker Hetty Niesch then came up with the idea of filming Valentijn for a longer period in order to make a documentary about her life in the long run and the decisions that she'd have to make in the future. That longer period turned out to be a filming period of 9 years. The film debuted on Dutch television in 2007.
Valentijn had gender reassignment surgery just before the release of Niesch's documentary. At the age of 17, standing 1.80 meters tall and with cheekbones as sharp as razorblades, it didn't take long before a modeling agency in Amsterdam signed her on. Soon, she was sent to fashion shows in Paris. Eventually, Valentijn was deemed too tall, at 1.86 meters, for a serious career as a top model.
She enrolled in the University of Amsterdam to study literature science, hoping to pursue a career in fashion journalism. While working as an assistant booker in an Amsterdam modeling agency, Valentijn noticed a rise in transgender models and decided to put herself out there again. As a result, her modeling career is blossoming once again and Valentijn is frequently shooting for various magazines. 
Information Source: I Am Bored
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