Pig the Half-Dog Born with Severe Spinal Deformity Becomes Internet Sensation

pig the unusual dog
“What is it?” will probably be the first thing you ask yourself. Kim Dillenbeck's dog named Pig is like no other canine that you have ever seen before. Pig was born in the wild in Atlanta with severe deformities and adopted by the Alabama woman. You would probably be able to guess by now why she was named Pig. The eight-month-old pup has long, gangly legs, a stout body that appears to be chopped into half and no neck. Despite her unusual deformed body, Pig has won the hearts of thousands of people all around the world.
Pig was found abandoned as a puppy along with three of her siblings in a wooded area in metro Atlanta. Her littermates are completely healthy and were not born with the same deformities as her. Pig is currently smaller than her siblings by 7kg or so. The strange little dog's spine is about 7 inches shorter than normal and wavy, with many bones fused together.
pig the unusual dog
Dillenbeck, who first saw the dog during a Christmas visit and later brought her home, said coming up with a name was not difficult.
“When she was really, really little she looked like a little fuzzy piglet,” said Dillenbeck, who lives in nearby Helena.
Vets initially advised Dillenbeck to have Pig put down when she was younger but Dillenbeck stuck by Pig and believed that her sheer will to live will help her pull through. She was not expected to live because of her deformities, but Pig has gone against all odds and manages to lead a fairly ordinary domestic dog life.
pig the unusual dog
Her deformities does not hinder her from frolicking around and playing with Dillenbeck's other two dogs, though she is unable to swing her head from side to side from the absence of a neck and has to spin her whole body around to see what is beside her. The friendly little animal hops like a frog to stand up and walks with a high-shouldered gait that resembles a gorilla.
None of the vets who care for the dog have ever seen another animal with the same condition, said Hudson-Breland, but Dillenbeck has seen a few similar-looking dogs on the Internet.
“The whole clinic loves her. She comes in and she's a rock star here,” said Dr. Rachael Hudson-Breland, a veterinarian who treats Pig.
pig the unusual dog
Not only has Pig managed to make almost everyone in the community fall in love with her, she has also captured the hearts of tens of thousands of people who have watched internet videos of her since she had a coming-out party during a community event in Birmingham last month. Pig even has a facebook fan page with almost 30,000 followers.
Many have tried to pinpoint what breed she is, seemingly having some Akita and German Shepherd in her.
Dillenback simply lovingly says, “She's a mutt.”
pig the unusual dog
Dillenback said every time she takes Pig out in public, she will never fail to garner lots of attention.
“She always draws a crowd,” Dillenback said.
Ballet dancer Tricia Bianco who saw Pig while she was visiting a park with her boyfriend and two dogs does not know quite what to make of the unusual dog.
“She is like a little pig. She's cute,” Bianco said.
pig the unusual dog
Pig plays and runs with other animals, and Hudson-Breland said the dog doesn't have any major health problems.
But Pig does tire easily, and she sometimes loses her balance and topples over like a toddler. Overall, though, Pig is in great shape for the shape she's in.
'I don't think Pig really knows that she looks different,' Hudson-Breland said.
Check out the video below to see Pig in action!
Information Source: Daily Mail

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