Man Does DIY Cosmetic Surgery with Household Products, Ends Up Horribly Disfigured

hugo hernandez
In his quest to achieve the perfect face, Hugo Hernandez Garcia, from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, injected baby oil to his face, believing it to be a cheaper substitute for collagen. The DIY project backfired and he has been living with a grotesquely disfigured face for the past 17 years, the worst part of this is, it is irreversible.
In a bid to look more like a woman, the once handsome stylist started a series of beauty practices in 1997 that would eventually lead to screwing up his face. He performed surgery upon surgery on himself using household products. During one of these surgeries, he injected baby oil into his face because he thought that it would carry the same effect as collagen.
hugo hernandez
Hugo before the botched surgery
Anyone with half a brain would know that that is an extremely bad idea. However, Hugo was so obsessed with enhancing his beauty, he would try anything without realizing what baby oil could do. Soon after the procedure, his skin turned red and blotchy, and various parts of his face started getting lumpy. His former boyish good looks is gone forever, replaced with the face of a monster.
Beside his face being devoid of any recognizable features, his health was also affected as the result of his DIY cosmetic surgeries. While his condition does not cause him any pain, he now depends on over 15 types of medication a day. He needs to be on a special diet, drink plenty of water, stay away from alcohol and avoid a series of harmful substances. Basically, he needs to live a quiet lifestyle almost free from too much noise or stress. Hugo has consulted several doctors in the hope that they could restructure his face, but apparently the damage is far too great for anything to be done so far.
hugo hernandez
The stylist's looks has indubitably deteriorated from last time
Hugo says that he isn't ashamed of his condition, and he doesn't mind people seeing him the way he is, but deep down inside he is quite depressed over how he looks.
I do not care who sees me, but I do go through depression,” he said. “In my head, I try to tell myself that I have nothing to hide, but the background is traumatic. So I need to go through treatment because I get thoughts that I’m horrible, I look like a monster.” He now realizes his mistakes though, and he regrets having been so obsessed with his looks. 
hugo hernandez
“It’s a mistake that I’m paying the price for,” Hugo said. He wants people to learn from his example and not commit the same mistakes that he did. He considers it his responsibility to send out a message to all those who intend to fix their appearance – consult with the proper medical experts before deciding to do anything.
Check out the video below to see Hugo's interview (in Spanish).
Information Source: El Manana

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