10 Incredibly Bad-Ass Things The Dark Knight Has Done

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes that has ever graced comic books despite the fact that he does not have super powers. Maybe that is exactly the reason why he is so popular, because he is a very believable character and geek boys everywhere can relate to him more than they can with Superman. Batman is a total bad-ass who is not only smart, rich and handsome, but incredibly well versed in martial arts and gadget-thingamajib usage, let's look into the top 10 bad-ass stuff he has ever done.
1. Batman fought two wolves with his bare hands
batman fighting wolves
Animal activists, don't get your panties in a twist. In all fairness, the wolves were the ones who attacked Batman first, and it was either to kill or be killed. In the 2006 Batman comic, Batman and the Mad Monk, the Dark Knight took on two ferocious wolves that were almost as big as he was. It takes a lot of sheer bad-assery to to pick up two large wolves and slam them against a brick wall like dusting off a carpet.
2. Batman fought a bear when he was a kid
batman fighting bear
When Batman was turned into a child by Lex Luthor back in a 1970s comic book, he proved that he still was worthy of wearing his cape by whooping a bear's ass while Superman and Flash looked on in awe.
3. Batman made Green Lantern his bitch
The 2013 animated movie Justice League: War tells the story of the Justice League coming together for the first time to stop an alien invasion. When the Green Lantern questioned Batman's credibility as a superhero after finding out he does not have super powers, Batman quickly puts him into his place.
4. Batman rose from his grave
batman rose from grave
After the Joker temporarily paralyzes Batman, some other bad guys bury Batman alive, and wait for his oxygen to run out, so that they can release the brain-damaged Batman and turn him into a mindless villain. But Batman escapes and broke out of his grave in a rage that can only be induced from getting tricked and buried alive.
5. Batman won Captain America in a fist fight
batman fighting captain america
Captain America may seem like an ordinary man (or maybe an ordinary bodybuilder), but he is far from it. Thanks to the super-soldier serum that runs through his veins, he is harder, better, faster, stronger than normal humans. In a Marvel-DC crossover though, the super soldier still loses to Batman who has never been enhanced in any way because he's BATMAN.
6. Batman punched a God
batman punching orion
After one of the New Gods, Forager, sacrificed himself to save both Batman and the entire planet earth, one of the other New Gods, Orion, decides to be a dick about it and disses Forager in front of the heroes. So Batman sucker-punched Orion in his douche face. That guy had it coming. Check out Superman's face, even he is like “OH SHIIIIIIT, SON!”
7. Batman saved the world with matches
batman saves world with matches
In JLA arc New World Order, a group of villains called the Hyperclan attack earth and defeat all the other Justice League members, leaving Batman alone to save the world. Using his acute detective skills, he figures out that the bad guys are actually Martians, and their weakness was fire. The easier approach sometimes can be the most effective approach. Batman proceeded to use some matches and gasoline to easily take out the a group of aliens that defeated Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.
8. Batman believes that men and women should be treated equally
batman unisex
Batman does not believe in all that misogynistic stuff. He is a gentleman and brings the hammer of justice (which sometimes is his fist) to all genders equally.
9. Batman is calm in the face of death
Plummeting 12,500 feet to the ground without a parachute will usually make people shriek wildly in terror or pass out before they go splat. Not Batman. When Batman ejected out of his plane and hurled through the clouds, he just calmly radio-ed Superman and ordered him to save him.
10. Batman punching Superman
batman punching superman
Batman has punched Superman so many times that everyone has lost count. You would think that Batman would shatter his fist while punching Superman, since Supes is basically the most indestructible being on Earth, but he doesn't because Batman has the brains to punch him with kryptonite. Superman deserves a good beating up now and then to get some sense knocked into him for being such a pansy boy-scout.
Information Source: Smoshpit

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