Heartwarming Moment China Couple Reunites 70 Years After Their Families Forced Them To Break Up

china couple reunites
Get your tissues ready, for this true love story will definitely tug on your heartstrings and leave you bawling like a baby. 70 years ago in China, a young soldier, Pan Zhishan, was cruelly torn apart from his new wife amid the chaos of the Second Sino-Japanese War. However, he never gave up hope that he would find his true love and hold her in his arms once again, and finally after seven long decades, the estranged lovers are reunited.
Pan secretly married Zhang Suiyu while preparing to take on the invading Japanese forced in South-Eastern China's Fujian province.
“We both came from traditional families and we knew it was forbidden to marry without their permission - but we both expected to be dead at any moment so we snatched what joy we could from life,” Pan rationalized the decision he made 70 years ago without any regret.
china couple reunites
Pan as a soldier
Sadly for them, their matrimony was not to be. The married couple was subsequently forced to separate when the conflict ended and Pan was ordered back to his parents' home in another province, where they had arranged a marriage for him with their chosen candidate.
However, Pan, now 90, and Zhang, now 88, never stopped loving each other despite losing contact for almost a century. Their heartwarming reconciliation was brought on after an internet campaign by the local media where an astonishing number of local netizens chipped in to track Zhang down for Pan.
What took you so long?” Zhang asked emotionally when she first laid eyes on her beloved when they finally met up in Fujian province on the Chinese Valentine's Day (2 August 2014) last weekend.
Pan simply replied, “I know. I am so late,” as the couple wrapped their arms around each other.
After they were cut off from each other 70 years ago, Pan tried his best to forget his first love but to no avail.
“I fought with my father, but it was no good,” he recalled.
“I tried to leave that old life behind, but what I didn't know then was that Zhang was pregnant when I left and that we had had a son,” said Pan, who had three children of his own with his second wife. “I got on with my new life, but I never forgot my first love.”
china couple reunites
A picture of Zhang in her younger days that Pan has always kept
“Some years after I'd left she'd sent me a picture of herself and of our son. I was shocked and always kept the pictures with me wherever I went.”
By 2003, Pan decided that enough was enough. He could not stop thinking about Zhang throughout all these years and he left his family in search of her, but he hit a dead end.
“Her village was gone and all the people in it had left years ago. It was one frustrating dead end after another and I thought I'd left it too late,” he said.
But Lady Luck smiled down at the old couple and through the help and miracle of social media, they are at long last, back together in each other's arms.
china couple reunites
Reunited and it feels so good: Pan lovingly clutching onto Zhang's arm and posing with their grandson
“I can't believe we're together again,” said Pan.
I now have everything I ever wanted from life. The last wish in my life has been met.
Information Source: Dailymail

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