The World's First Three-Breasted Woman

woman with three breasts
The idea of a three-breasted woman gained notoriety after the 1990 classic movie Total Recall featured a hooker who had three breasts, to which someone said to her, “Baby, you make me wish I had three hands.” If you think the notion of a three-breasted woman is interesting, you might be tickled to know that it is no longer a figment of imagination from a sci-fi film anymore. Jasmine Tridevil, in a bid to land herself her own reality TV show on MTV, spent US$20,000 to get a third breast.
Meet 21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil from Tampa, Florida. She is a licensed masseuse, an aspiring reality TV star, a huge fan of Criss Angel and the world's first triple-breasted woman.
woman with three breasts
Her C-cup third breast, situated in the middle, was constructed from tissues cut out from her abdomen and 400cc of silicone. She also had a nipple created for her additional breast but said that the surgeon was not able to make an areola, so to achieve the illusion of a real nipple, she got an an areola tattooed on. She also enhanced her two natural breasts, each receiving 600cc silicone implants, to D-cups. She initially wanted all three of her breasts to be D-cups but her plastic surgeon advised her against it because her skin was not able to stretch that far.
Jasmine's mother did not take too well to her bizarre surgery. In a text message to Jasmine, her mother angrily said, “Why would you do that? It's ugly. People are laughing because it looks so ridiculous. It's obvious you will do anything for money. You have no morals, and no values at all. What's cool about making people vomit?”
woman with three breasts
Jasmine though, does not seem like she is out to win her mother's approval any time soon. She flippantly said that she is not surprised by her mother's reaction because her mother tends to be “very dramatic”.
Now the question that is burning in everyone's minds including Jasmine's own mother, is why on earth would she turn herself into a circus freak show? According to Jasmine, she did it because she wanted to “turn off guys”.
“I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but I decided that I never want to date again... ever. And this doesn't mean that I'm bi, because that's always the person's next question. I am straight, I just don't want to date anymore,” she said.
woman with three breasts
She went on to say that even though she is not interested in dating anymore, she still would like to look good, dress herself up and get her hair done. She still wanted to feel pretty but wanted to seem less attractive to men. She ruled out gaining weight and came up with the bright idea to get a third breast implant so “most guys would think that's weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know... feel pretty.”
When criticized for her weird decision, Jasmine would defiantly thank the person and say that that is the kind of response she is hoping to illicit. She hopes that the controversy with her having three breasts could prompt MTV producers into fulfilling her lifelong dream of starring in a reality TV show. She promises that if she gets to star in her own reality TV show, she would put reality back into reality TV by inserting clips of real reactions from her parents and 13-year-old sister.
woman with three breasts
Many people think that she needs psychological help and her actions stem from a dark past that is haunting her, but there are others who are supportive of her decision and encourage her to continue working towards her goals. What do you think? Is this just a hoax to get attention or do you really think she is the embodiment of the three-breasted hooker from Total Recall?
Check out Jasmine's Q&A video below of her three breasts.

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