Man Voluntarily Falls Down Flight of Stairs Every Day As A Form of Massage

rolling down massage
Massages are supposed to be relaxing and invigorating. So we can't figure out what this form of massage does for this guy. 51-year-old Li Chia starts off his day by voluntarily tumbling down 30 concrete steps every morning at Xi'an Changle Park. Once he gets to the bottom, he uses a special self-taught technique to roll back up the stairs without getting up. The Chinese man claims that by doing this, he receives a thorough massage that addresses all the pressure points in his body.
“I got the idea from rolling on pebbles at a health club, and when I couldn’t find any pebbles at my local park, I decided to try the stairs and was surprised to find it really works,” Li Chia explained.
“I have always been a great fan of Chinese massage and the possibility that pressure points can do all sorts of things including relieving stress. After all, that’s why massage is so popular,” he said.
“However, I don’t believe that any masseuse will be able to give me the sort of massage I get from the impact of the stairs. I find it’s a great way to relieve pressure and has all sorts of other health benefits as well.”
Li Chia has been practicing the bizarre form of massage for over three years now, and has never been injured, not even slightly bruised. But still, he advises others not to try it as there is a potential risk you can hurt yourself if not done correctly. Li Chia happens to be a marathon runner and amateur motorcycle rider so he has quite a strong body to withstand the extreme massage technique.
Apparently, the secret to his unusual morning massage is rolling down the concrete stairs very slowly so that every pressure point comes into contact with the hard concrete and also minimizing the risk of injury. Most impressive however is his ability to roll back up the stairs when he reaches the bottom. Don't try this at home kids, or outside, or anywhere for that matters.
Information Source: Shanghaiist

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