11 Trippy Websites That Will Hurt Your Brain

Ana Somnia
Ever been so bored while on the computer that you end up just listlessly clicking around on the internet? Here are 15 trippy and interactive websites that can keep you amused for awhile before you go back to aimlessly surfing the net. WARNING: Following websites should not be viewed by people with epilepsy.
Ana Somnia
This only works if you have a webcam. When the little girl gets into bed, you have to get up to switch off the lights in your room too so that she can fall asleep. Don't worry, there won't be any horror images popping up and scaring the crap out of you, we guarantee it, if anything like that happens, we will pay for your laundry bills. After you've turned off the lights (or simply cover your webcam), you will be transported into her head where you can experience the mystical and trippy images of her dreams.
Zoom Quilt
Approximately 88 different photos all blend into one in this seemingly endless website. It gives you the illusion that you are actually traveling on a journey in Zoom World. Caution: You might never want to leave.
creepy girl
An Asian girl with bloodshot eyes follows your cursor on the screen.
tile gif
This website will just make you go all cross-eyed.
Neave's Imagination
Move your cursor around to create gorgeous patterns with all sorts of colors!
hippo gif
A moving song of a moving hippo.
the revolving internet
If you ever feel like searching for something while feeling like you are being spun around in a washing machine, you should definitely use this search engine.
Larry Carlson's Movies
If you have ever wondered what it is like to be on acid, Larry Carlson's psychedelic videos would be able to give you a vague idea. It also might give you seizures.
Another one of Larry Carlson's trippy creations, this one is more mellow and relaxing. It shows a plant of some sorts growing in the direction you move your cursor to.
Neave's Tv
With every click, this website changes the video to a random segment from any show in any point in time with absolutely no relation to the others. 
Neave's Strobe
Optical illusions that takes the trippiness out of the computer and rubs it all over your face.
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