Study Shows Psychopaths Take More Selfies

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Everyone has that annoying friend who spams your Facebook feed and Instagram page with dozens of selfies on a daily basis. If that friend is a male aged between 18 to 40, not only is he on the same level of narcissism as Justin Bieber, your friend could possibly be a psychopath too as study finds.
A new study carried out by Ohio State University looked at the social media and photo sharing tendencies of men between the ages of 18 to 40, and then gave those men a survey to sieve out tendencies towards antisocial behavior. The results showed that there is a correlation between selfie-taking and psychopathic behavior, but only under certain circumstances. The findings suggest that psychopaths tend to not edit their selfies, possibly because they only care about seeing themselves and act impulsively without regard for others' takes on their actions. So you or your friends are probably off the “Suspected Psychopath” list if your selfies are cropped, have a filter, are photoshopped, or all the above.
So the men posting a barrage of edited selfies aren't psychopaths, but there must definitely be something off about them to do something more commonly seen in ultra vain girls right? The Ohio State questionnaire also measured for self-objectification, and it revealed that the people who are more concerned with whether their jaws are chiseled enough or whatever tend to judge their worth by their appearance.
So these men who post edited selfie after edited selfie probably mean you no harm. They are simply insecure and want to be told that they are beautiful. You could suggest for them to take self-improvement courses so that they could find some value in themselves that is beyond their looks.
Information Source: Science Direct

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