This Man in India Tried To Bury His Child Alive Because She is a Girl

girl buried alive
It is the 21st Century but many Asian societies are still patriarchy and value males over females. Traditional Asian families see sons as assets and daughters as liabilities, but one man took things a little too far with expressing his disappointment with having a daughter.
Just two weeks ago in Tripura, India, a sinister plan was brewing in Abdul Hussein's head. When his wife left the house, he decided to put his plan into action. Hussein dug a pit in his back yard then dragged his 10-year-old daughter out, tied her hands together with rope and taped her mouth shut.
He proceeded to throw her into the pit and started shoveling dirt in. He only managed to bury her to her chest level when his wife returned home. Hussein put a bamboo basket over the girl's head, with the intention of burying her completely later on when it was safer to carry on his evil deed.
But his wife started questioning the whereabouts of the little girl, and a neighborhood search was conducted. Pretty soon, the girl was discovered by neighbors and promptly pulled out of the pit.
The neighbors decided to take the law into their own hands first and beat up her father before calling the police. Hussein was then arrested and is currently being charged with attempted murder.
It is horrifying to know that a father would bury his own child alive just because of gender. As shocking as it is, this happens more often than you think in India.
Only just four months ago, a seven-year-old girl clawed her way to safety after allegedly being strangled and buried alive in the Uttar Pradesh region of India. The little girl was found by an aghast villager after he heard her cries for help. The villager followed the sound of her cries to an area where the soil was moving, he hastily dug under and found the girl semi-conscious. The little girl, Tanu, told police that her aunt and uncle had taken her from her mother's house days earlier and buried her in the field. Tanu's mother has been missing ever since.
Just imagine how many little girls have died under these circumstances, the ones that are not as lucky to have been found first or survived the ordeal.
Information Source: Mirror

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