This Wonderful Man Brought A Squirrel Back From The Dead

drowned squirrel
There are some amazing human beings on Earth that would go all out to help anyone or anything in distress expecting nothing in return. One such example is this man who noticed a squirrel drowning in a pool and he immediately jumped to the little critter's rescue. Just when you thought that the squirrel is gone for good, it starts breathing again.
Rick Gruber was over at a customer's house installing a pool heater when he heard splashes coming from the pool. He peered over the fence and saw a little ground squirrel frantically struggling to keep its head above water. Rick then proceeded back to his truck to get a rod so that he could use it to reach through the fence and retrieve the drowning squirrel. But by the time Rick got back to the fence, the squirrel was motionlessly floating around with its head underwater. Rick still decided to get it out of the pool to see if he could revive it.
When Rick got the squirrel out of the pool, its belly was distended from swallowing the pool water, its eyes were semi closed and it was not breathing at all. Rick was determined to do anything within his ability to save the little guy and he started gently pushing on its belly and chest to get it to breathe again. Just when you thought all hope is lost for the little squirrel, and it is truly dead, it starts to take staggered breaths. He continued doing a couple more compressions until the squirrel could breathe on its own. Rick stayed with the squirrel for an hour before it felt well enough to head on its way.
Watch the miraculous video here of Rick bringing the squirrel back to life.
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