Chinese New Year Goes Wild: Huatcore Cai Shen Dao

Dopeasaurus Rex
We are all familiar with the Chinese New Year song Cai Shen Dao (Here Comes the God of Fortune), and quite frankly kind of sick of it. Everytime Chinese New Year comes around, shopping centers everywhere in Singapore would play this song on repeat, and even when we return home, the blasted song typically sung by some lady with a demure voice will continue playing on loop in our heads till the brink of insanity. Maybe traditional Chinese New Year songs need a face lift in order for it not to seem too repetitive and “sian”, and who else better to pioneer this change than Dopeasaurus Rex.
Local Singaporean band, Dopeasaurus Rex, took the song Cai Shen Dao and spun it with amazing musical ingenuity into a metalcore version that they dubbed Huatcore. They even took the time and effort to record a hilarious, satirical music video at Singapore Chinese Garden. The result is an awesome, laugh-out-loud video that will make you want to rock out with the badass God of Fortune and his kakis. Now this is a Chinese New Year song I would really love to hear being played in shopping centers.
Check out Dopeasaurus Rex's Huatcore Chinese New Year song.
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