Man Keeps Monster Leech as a Pet, Lets It Feed on His Arm

giant leech
People keep all kinds of exotic pets, but have you ever heard of someone keeping a leech as a pet? They are not exactly your standard cuddly and lovable pet you would love to snuggle up next to, but this man has chosen it to be his ideal pet, and even lets it latch on to his arm to feed.
A hair-raising video titled “My pet giant leech” just recently surfaced online showing a massive leech drinking from a man's forearm as the man cally videos it in the dark with the flash on. The bloodsucking parasite is so bloated that it is as big and as thick as the man's forearm. The identity of the man is unknown, but he is suspected to be Japanese.
Judging by the numerous bite marks on his arm, the devoted owner has probably been feeding the creature his own blood for quite some time now. Well, at least we know he is responsible for his own pet, and is not sacrificing some other animal to provide his squishy pet with sustenance.
Leeches grow bigger with the amount of blood they consume, with some being able to grow as long as 16 inches. People normally get rid of leeches as soon as they spot any latching on and sucking their blood, hardly anyone keeps them as pets. However, leeches have been used for medical purposes for 2,500 years, first believed to be used in ancient Egypt.
Some doctors believe that “bloodletting” using the parasites to suck “excess” blood out of their patients would help purify the body, and use it to treat a range of illnesses from tonsilities to hemorrhoids.
Perhaps this man is keeping this parasite for his own well-being too. In the case, it's a win-win situation for both man and giant leech.
Check out the video below of the giant leech sucking on the man's blood.

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