Japanese Beauty Cream Makes Your Hands Smell Like Cat Paws

cat paw cream
The internet is obsessed with cats, but how many people would actually want to smell like one? Apparently there is a market in Japan for cat-lovers to smell like their favorite animal, so a Japanese hand cream was created that promises to leave your hands smelling like feline paws. Trust the Japanese to come up with such a product.
The cream is the brainchild of Japanese online retailer Felissimo. The company claims that the unusual idea came about during a brainstorming session, when an employee suggested a cream that leaves the skin as soft and squeezable as a cat's paw. Instead of dismissing the idea as a ludicrous joke, everyone at the meeting thought it was one of the best ideas ever since sliced bread. They started enthusiastically discussing about the smell of cats' paws, which ia apparently mysteriously soothing. Eventually, the company decided to create a hand cream with the olfaction of a kitty's paw pads.
cat paw cream
Getting the exact fragrance right wasn't a walk in the park. Representatives from Felissimo visited a cat cafe along with the president of Yamamoto Perfumery Co., where they actively sniffed cats' paws all day long. Felissimo also contacted cat-lovers through social media, surverying what their cats’ paws smelled like. The question proved to be a popular one, and people came up  with all sorts of responses – right from caramel crepes, to wheat, to freshly cooked soybeans. The most common response, though, was popcorn!
cat paw cream
After gathering all the necessary information from their research and findings, they finally settled on a scent that best imitated the smell of cats' paws, and the hand cream is available for preorder here, all set to be shipped out in August. A 50-gram tub will be priced at 1,131 yen (S$12.81).
What does your cat paws smell like? And would you be interested in having your mittens smell like a cat's? Share this weird article with your cat-loving friends!
Information Source: Oddity Central

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