This Tiny Dog Takes Pride In Her Meaningful Job, When You See What She Does, You Will Smile through the Tears

Dogs are known from time to time again to be one of the most affectionate and loving species on Earth. If dogs go to heaven, this little teacup Poodle will definitely be ranked among the highest order of angels when she goes through the pearly gates. For now, she busies herself with bringing happiness and joy to the residents of a nursing home.
Nala the teacup Poodle has a meaningful job that she takes the utmost pride and pleasure in doing. Everyday, she travels with her owner, Doug Dawson to the Minnesota-based Lyngblomsten nursing home where he works. Once owner and dog reaches the facility, Nala will enthusiastically scuttle off by herself to spend some quality time with the elderly residents. She even rides the elevator herself to get to different floors! This pint-sized dog may be tiny, but she has so much love to give.
Nala was not trained as a therapy animal, and she does this out of her own free-will and love for humans. It all started one day when Doug first brought her in to work and the residents' immediately fell head over heels in love with her and her altruistic personality. Nala is extremely clairvoyant and has a knack of knowing who needs her most. She picks out the sick and depressed residents, jumps up into their laps and lets them know that she is there for them. She is so busy, she doesn't even stop to greet her owner when they pass each other along corridors, she knows she is needed and just continues scurrying along to whomever needs her affection.
Now, Nala goes to work everyday with Doug, and while her owner works as a trained medications assistant by dispensing medicine, the little cutie-pie prescribes her own prescription of smiles and laughter.
Watch the video below of Nala going about spreading much needed cheer in the nursing home.
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Information Source: USA TODAY

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