Company Plans on Bottling Scents of Loved Ones into a Comforting Personalized Perfume

bottling scents of loved ones
Have you ever embraced your loved ones and thought about how great it would be if you could bottle their scent up so that you can smell them even in their absence? Thanks to a French company, there is a possibility to store the comforting scent of a loved one forever. They plan to launch their new line of perfumes made from fragrances that people leave on their clothes, in September.
It all started in the mind of French insurance agent Katia Apalategui. The idea popped into her head seven years ago, when she was devastated with the loss of her father. At the time, she wished that there was a way she could store his scent in a bottle. Apparently her mother felt the same way too, “I also miss the smell and do not want to wash his pillowcase,” she had sadly told Katia.
Driven by this inspiration, Katia began to investigate if her idea was a feasible one. She tried researching but met with little success, until she came across an innovation agency called Seinari, in Normandy. They put her in touch with the department of organic and macromolecular chemistry at the University of Le Havre. Researchers there were able to explore the possibilities of bringing Katia's idea to life. After much trial and error, they actually developed a technique to extract the odor out of a person's clothes, and reconstitute it as an alcohol-based perfume in only four days time.
The technique has now been purchased by a company called “Kalain”, founded by Katia's son Florian Rabeau, a student at ISC Paris Business School. The startup aims to cater to grieving families who have recently lost loved ones.
“We will offer grieving families a small box containing a vial with the smell of the deceased collected from the fabric of their clothes,” Katia revealed. “It will be tailor made for clients, and will be sold at around 560 euro (S$870).”
“Smell is the strongest sense in terms of memory,” she added. “We provide a very emotionally charged product.”
But Kalain doesn’t plan on getting confined to the funeral business. They plan on offering human scent perfumes to other types of customers, like people who spend a great deal of time away from loved ones, or even couples who can't stand a moment of being apart from each other. It makes for a very sweet gift, especially if you're leaving someone for awhile and they would like something to remember you by.
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Information Source: Oddity Central

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