A Giant Penis is Running Around Norway for a Good Cause

giant penis running around norway
A giant penis is happily frolicking around Norway ejaculating gold glitter at bewildered members of the public while its own testicles gleefully bounce along. It may sound like a bizarre YouTube prank or some perverted guy who finds a sick pleasure in sexually harrassing random strangers, but the glitter-spraying penis mascot was actually let loose on the streets for a good cause.
19-year-old Philip van Eck was hired by sexual health charity RFSU to dress up as an enormous phallus and go around shooting out confetti from its tip in a fun attempt to spread awareness of chlamydia and STI prevention. Unfortunately, glittery ejaculation is not a side effect of STIs.
giant penis running around norway
Philip apparently really loves his job. “I thought it was hilarious. If I can do a good thing for others, just by being a dick, there is nothing better,” he told Tønsberg Blad.
Because when the nation has a staggering high STI rate and the young adults won't respond to traditional public service announcements advicing them to use condoms, the next best thing is to get a man dressed as a penis to go around spraying these 20-something Norwegians with gold confetti.
According to RFSU, around 23,000 Norwegians contract chlamydia every year, and are a lot less likely to wear condoms than their Nordic neighbours, for some weird reason.
giant penis running around norway
The “Penis Can Surprise You” campaign was undoubtedly a hit with the youngsters and videos of the giant penis ecstatically running on the powdery sand of Norway's beaches have gone viral. But it has not fared so well with the older crowd who labelled it “banal and idiotic”.
What do you think of this campaign? The sheer absudity of it enables the message to go viral and reach a wider range of audience, but do you think it would really work in encouraging people to practice safe sex? Share this hilarious story with your friends.
Check out the video below to see the running-spraying-penis-man in action.
Information Source: Huffington Post

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