10 Incredibly Adorable Minion DIY Projects

minion diy
Everyone is going gaga over the cute yellow stars in the latest animated movie that hit theatres in June. Not only have Minions infiltrated our hearts with their silly antics and cute baby-babble, they have also invaded grocery stores, restaurants, and toy stores, not that any of us are complaining of course. If you would gladly welcome a Minion invasion into your house, round up your friends and take your Minion obsession to the next level with these creative Minion DIY projects.
1. Minion Cake
Minion Cake
Whether it's for a birthday party, or just a fun baking activity to do with your friends, this Minion cake is so cute that you probably can't help but wish to gobble it up! Click here for the video tutorial.
2. Minion Pencil Topper
Minion DIY
The best part about this is that it can double up as a cute finger puppet too! Click here to create your own little minion puppet.
3. Clothespin Minions
Minion DIY
Customize a whole range of Minions for all your hanging needs by just painting over some pegs in yellow and blue and sticking on googly eyes.
4. Minion Mason Jars
Minion DIY
Paint over some empty jars to store all your little knick knacks. It's pretty self-explanatory.
5. Banana Minion
Minion Banana
Because, why not? This might encourage kids to consume some potassium. Download the printable features here.
6. Minion Phone Cover
Minion phone case
These crochet Minion phone covers are too cute! Learn how to crochet them here.
7. Minion T-shirts
minion tshirt
Show your love for the yellow, squishy things by DIY-ing some easy Minion tees here!
8. Tiny Minion Figurine
Minion DIY
Isn't this just the cutest thing ever? You have your very own nano pet Minion to bring along everywhere you go. Click here for the tutorial.
9. Minion Papercraft
Minion DIY
This is a fun craft session for everyone of all ages. Download the patterns to the minions here, all you have to do is print them out, cut them out and start folding and gluing.
10. Minion Plushie
Minion plushie
Those licensed Minion plushies being sold in toy stores can cause a bomb! Besides, if it's a present for a friend, it is more meaningful to make one yourself. Learn how to make a no-sew Minion plush from recycled t-shirts here.
Happy crafting Minion fans!

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