6 Weird Brothels That Turn Sex Into Amusement Park Rides

Even though there is a never-ending supply of porn on the internet, many people are still in need of sexual gratification from an actual human being, which is why brothels are still very much alive today. To stand out from the rest of your run-of-the-mill brothels, some brothels have resorted to creative means in order to entice more customers.
1. The Alien Cathouse
alien cathouse
Dennis Hof is a famed prostitution entrepreneur regarded as the King Pimp of prostitutes. He owns several legal brothels in Nevada, and even landed himself a HBO series called Cathouse. He is a big thing in the business of horniness, and he used his influence to endorse Ron Paul for president in 2012. He has also announced that he will be publiclly backing Hillary Clinton in 2016.
But recently it has been a hard time for hard-ons, so his idea of boosting sagging profits was with a bold new expansion. He purchased a rundown properly 90 miles north of Las Vegas, which he described as “a disgusting, terrible” place that is windowless, which is basically perfect for a brothel. Coincidentally, it also happens to be in close proximity to Area 51. So Hof came up with the idea of transforming the building into a brothel with an alien theme.
Imagine one of those scare houses in theme parks with an alien theme except that the experience comes along with sex. Hof's sci-fi brothel contains tacky alien props, costumes, décor, body paint, equipment and rooms with different alien themes like “Atlantis” and “Alien Abduction”, of course there is a Probing Room too.
2. Sex on Wheels
sex on wheels
U.K.'s Passion Wagon is like America's multiple food trucks just that instead of serving up hotdogs with a side of fries, they serve up hot, steamy sex with a side order of fellatio. According to the Daily Star, the Passion Wagon offers a full menu of “spanking, domination, and threesomes in lay-bys, car parks, campsites, and anywhere else they can park their sex-den-on-weels.” The mobile concept was put into motion by two English prostitutes in an attempt to stay ahead of the police, some of whom have vowed to put a stop to their journeys up and down the Western coast. Their business boomed especially among lorry drivers and “desperate punters”. In Austria, you can place a call to Erotik Taxi, and a luxurious stretch limousine will be promptly driven over to you, as the proprietor describes it, “a thrilling alternative to sex at home or a hotel”.
3. A “Disabled-Only” Brothel
disabled brothel
Becky Adams is a British madame who gained notoriety after writing a book called “Madame – Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets” which chronicles her life as a profession female pimp. After enjoying prior sucesses as a sex-toy merchant, founder of a topless car wash called Scrubbers, and as one of the most respected sex brokers in the industry, Adams fancies herself as a woman of class and status. She stated publicly that she would rather her daughter become a prostitute than a banker, because according to her, “at least prostitution is an honest profession.” After decades of exchanging sexual services for cash with the common man, Adams decided to give back to society and turned her attention to a more charitable direction – establishing an escort service specifically for the handicapped.
Adams' new business, Para-Doxies, is a nonprofit, privately funded operation that helps people with disabilities (or their caregivers) connect with sex workers. Some of the women actually offer their services for free to the disabled. Adams figured that since naturally disabled people have urges too and find it difficult to get together with others, she is doing some good in the world, but there are critics. Women's rights groups have claimed that it's nothing more than "soft focus street walking," and some handicapped people also feel that an enterprise like this even further "others" them from society.
4. The Japanese Pervert Train
japanese pervert train
The name “Pervet Train” is not a paraphrase from the context. Those words are actually a loose translation of the Japanese term chikan densha. Located in an actual train station, the club is a mock-up of a working passenger car, and like a normal one it's filled with passengers. But unlike a standard train, the school girls and receptionists on board don't mind if you start groping their goodies. For around $100, customers at this club are given access to the “groper's course” where they are handed a menu that lists a variety of clothing options that they would like the service staff to don on. Once everything is prepared, the ladies then wave to the client through the window and he will come on board while the fake train actually moves around and broadcasts mock announcements. After 10 minutes of the groping buffet, the customer has the option of paying extra to take one of the ladies to a private area for some actual sex.
5. Sex Doll Brothels
realistic sex doll
For the socially challenged, strip clubs and brothels can be a harrowing experience. Luckily for these otakus, the Japanese have places where you can enjoy sex without having to fret about being in contact with an actual human being while still being able to satisfy all your naughty inclinations. Sex dolls are extremely popular in Japan. The good ones that resemble real women and even feel like them are so expensive that people choose to rent them instead. So it makes wise business sense that some brothels have decided to do away with the human staff and replace them with life-sized female dolls for customers to drag off into a private room for an hour or so and make sweet silicone love to.
6. New Age Church/Brothel
church brothel
Prostitution and religion have always been at loggerheads with one another and have never agreed, until now. The Phoenix Goddess Temple in Arizona is a hippy congregation of women and men that preached sexual liberation. But when the scatily clad clergy started accepting “donations” for what they called “neo-tantric therapies” (basically, sex), the authorities quickly figured out the nature of this “church”. After seizing evidence that proved the operation to be a front for “committing crimes under the guise of religious freedom”, a police spokesman said, “It's a sad situation when people are trying to hide behind religion and church to commit a crime.”
A raid was conducted and 20 women were arrested and charged with prostitution and “other offenses”. The "Mystic Mother" of the temple, Tracy Elise, undeterred by this oppressive interference, soon went right back to ministering to Arizona's penile tantric needs and was promptly arrested again. In a jailhouse interview, where she appears complete with a bindi on her forehead, she remained unrepentant and vowed to continue her "healing sessions," presumably much to the delight of local truckers and visiting sailors on shore leave.
Information Source: Cracked

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