How People Have Their Coffee Suggests if They are Psychopaths or Not

black coffee
Coffee is an essential part in many working adults' lives. It is the fuel that start up our engines in the morning and help us function properly through out the day. But how you take your coffee apparently reveals the innrmost of your personality... and it is a little worrying.
A new study published in the journal “appetite” claims that if an individual takes his/her coffee strong and black, that person is more likely to exhibit antisocial personality traits – which is linked to psychopathic tendencies.
The study looked at the taste preferences of 500 people, and found that those who enjoyed the bitter flavor of black coffee were more likely to exhibit signs of "Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcism and everyday sadism."
During the study, participants were asked to rate on a six point scale how much they enjoy food and drinks that are either sweet, sour, salty or bitter. Those results were then compared to four personality tests that looked at specific traits.
A significant correlation was found between those possessing antisocial personality traits with a preference for strong bitter tastes for flavors like coffee, beer, tonic water and radishes.
The study also found that if you enjoy milky and sugary coffee, you tend to show more "agreeable" characteristics such as kindness, sympathy and cooperativeness.
However before you unfriend all your friends who like their coffees black, it is important to note that out taste preferences have been influenced by our culture and upbringing. There is no need to resort to such drastic measures like removing someone off facebook because he/she might be a psychopath.
Information Source: Omg Facts

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