15 Misogynistic Comments From Men on Marriage That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Marriage is not a bad of roses. It takes two matured people who are willing to understand each other's perspectives and work out the kinks for a happy marriage. Unfortunately, these 15 male chauvinist pigs  who gave their two-cents worth on marriage are not husband material, just check out their incredibly misogynistic views on marriage.
1. This man thinks women are testing men
I think most women can’t help trying to control their husbands – the irony is that they are increasingly miserable and insecure if they succeed. Deep down they don’t like being controlling and start despising their husband’s weakness and feel insecure because it’s like they are their husband’s mother while he is a child, leaving them the only adult in the house. In my opinion women’s attempts to control their husbands are an instinctively motivated test of his strength and character. Deep down they want the man to rise to their challenge, not give in. Giving in to them all the time brings out their worst while standing up to them in a fair-handed way brings out their best. Their negative tendencies are reined in instead of encouraged.
2. This man thinks that women get married and have children as an insurance
Modern marriage is nothing but relationship insurance for women. When they get married, they can have their kids which further keep you in check.
3. This man thinks that women are uncertain of what they want
The bottom line is this: Women don’t know what the fuck they really want. Guys are so fucking simple. We know EXACTLY what we want: Sex or blow jobs about 3 or 4 times a week, a good pizza or burger every now and then, and about one day a week that we can go do stuff that we like, whether it’s poker or golf or what have you. How hard is that to understand?
Women, on the other hand, have NO CLUE what they want. They’ve been told they can have it all, that they need to be this or that, that they need to do this or that. I don’t think many of them honestly know what it is they want. They only know what it is they don’t have. You hit it on the head. they don’t know, but they sure feel like whatever it is, it’s not enough, life sucks, and they need to take their unhappiness out on you.
4. This man thinks that women are self-centered
Face it, most women are selfish. All the wedding and receptions I see know are really just a celebration by the woman for the glorification of herself. What guy would go spend $20 grand or more on a wedding. We’d buy a monster big screen TV and power tools for the basement. Most american woman are so selfish they really don’t give a fuck about the man. To them its all about ME ME ME and you better work harder to give it to them. Thank God I’m not married, but I look at friends who are and just go “you poor bastards”.
5. This man feels that if you have an ugly wife, you should look for mistresses
For 19 years I’ve been tracking married couples where I work, people I socialize with, etc. 85% or so – the women have become fat and sexless and the men are miserable. If you have one of the 15%, be thankful on a daily basis. I’ve been fucking other women for 13 years. I warned her she was not cutting me off, but losing her place in line. Choose your mistresses very carefully and you will find there is plenty of sweet girls out there still eager to fuck you. 
6. It seems this man married his wife just for sex
My wife was a complete off the wall fuck machine before we got married. Fun, energetic, beautiful. Now? Overweight, tired all the time, and forget a goddamn blowjob. Counting down the days…oh yes indeed. 
7. This man has something against women eating
They eat while the man is at work. They’re like the Terminator going after food instead of Sarah Conner. They never stop. They can’t be reasoned with! In a similar thread a while back, some guy describes his obese, couch potato wife as “a piece of furniture that talks and never shuts up”.
8. This man thinks that women just take and never give
Marriage for a man these days is handing a woman an axe, then putting his head on a chopping block in the trust that she won’t cut it off. She doesn’t do the same for him. 
9. This man despises his wife just because she put on weight after bearing kids
Eleven years. My wife is currently out a Wal Mart buying worthless plastic shit. She’s 70 lbs overweight. If it wasn’t for the kids I would kick her fat ass to the curb.
10. This man thinks that ALL women change after marriage while men remain the same
This is the big problem: WOMEN ALWAYS CHANGE post marriage — men generally DO NOT. And the funniest part is that we men get married thinking that the woman WON’T change and they get married thinking how they WILL change the man!
11. This man thinks that all women do is make their husbands' lives a living hell
Women will always test men’s boundaries. You kid yourself if you think you can avoid this by giving in – that just makes the behaviour worse while causing her to lose respect for you. It’s what creates the nagging harpy that makes the whipped man’s life a hell. If you really have no energy or heart to stand up to a woman you should stay single. And it’s not a constant struggle. The man who stands up to his wife goes through short, but sharp conflicts without caving in order to get the respect from the woman that allows her to see him as her equal so that most of the time their time together is pleasant. The more consistent the man is in standing up to the woman the less she feels the need to test him. The whipped man on the other hand goes through a daily low-level hell of control, nagging and belittlement from the woman in order to avoid any larger conflicts. It’s a very poor trade off.
12. This man thinks only idiots get married
Only boneheads marry. Speaking as someone married for 23 years, ... Stupidest thing I ever did. I seem to remember thinking I was going to get lots of sex from her or something equally insane.
13. This man is too dense to realize that there are other things to do aside from sex
The last time my wife and I had sex (two weeks ago) during the humping phase she comments “when you get done, can you take a sock and clean the cobwebs off the ceiling?”
14. This man has commitment issues
I just broke up with my fiancee!! I took her out and said I felt we should put our wedding plans on hold, and she went CRAZY on me. I ended up breaking it off with her completely. Mine made the mistake of entering wife mode before she was my wife…I have a house and a trust fund, and could not risk marrying someone who showed signs of being a wife as described by this thread. Three days now, and she is spamming my phone 10 times a day, alternating between rage and repentance….
15. This man doesn't understand the concept of responsibility and growing up
Two years of Marriage. I’m depressed and turning to pot and alcohol. I’m not allowed to DO anything without “permission”. I used to live life to the full, now I just exist to pay the mortgage and fill the shelves full of worthless crap we don’t need. Thanks to the joyless fat whore I’m forced to spend the rest of my life with.
Information Source: mgtow

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