This Bizarre Japanese Therapy of Wrapping People Up Like Cocoons Supposedly Recreates the Comfortable Feeling of a Womb

adult wrapping
Remember floating around in the warm and cozy confines of your mother's womb before you were born? Me neither. However, the Japanese would like to recreate that feeling as a therapeutic method of correcting posture and alleviating body stiffness by wrapping the human body in a large piece of cloth that emulates the comfortable feel of a mother’s womb.
The Japanese are known to work long and crazy hours, and their bodies take the brunt of it as a result. Many Japanese people suffer from posture problems, muscle aches and body stiffness. The traditional approach to solving these issues is to either get a massage or do stretching exercises regularly. But then again, it is Japan, and if they don't come up with some other weird and eccentric new alternative, can they really be considered Japanese?
adult wrapping
Some average Japanese Joe probably went “Massage? Stretch? F*ck that shit, that is so 90s', being morbidly wrapped up in a death trap with no means of escaping is the way to go!” And thus, Otona Maki (Adult Wrapping) was born.
Otona Maki is a new and intriguing way of improving posture and making your body more flexible than ever, while at the same time helping practitioners relax by recreating the comfortable feel of a mother’s womb.
Otona Maki is not a mainstream practice in Japan, but after recently being featured on a popular television program, more and more people are talking about it and giving it a try. The idea behind this bizarre looking therapeutic practice is to tightly wrap the human body (in various poses) in a large piece of breathable cloth for about 15 – 20 minutes per session. However if a fire were to break out, a person in therapy would have no means of escaping, and would probably burn alive in a fetal position.
adult wrapping
According to some sources, babies are often wrapped the same way to correct minor physical defects and give them a feeling of security, and otona maki aims to do the same for adults. We cannot verify the credibility of these sources, all we can say is that we have never seen babies being wrapped up in this manner before. We are pretty certain that if you tied your baby up in a bundle and left it there in a heap, it could constitute to child abuse.
It is alleged that after going through several sessions with your body fixed in a certain position for a short amount of time, you can regain that natural flexibility and improve posture. Yayoi calls the practice a way to reset your body, and claims that after taking part in a session, she also felt relaxed and rejuvenated. 
It seems that even majority of the Japanese population agrees with us that Otona Maki is more traumatizing than therapeutic. According to Kotaku, there is a lot of skepticism regarding the practice, at least on Japanese social media, with people comparing it to a mummification technique, or making references to Japanese horror films.
Otona Maki was apparently developed by Professor Nobuko Watanabe, known for creating the Toco Chan maternity belt, a very popular product in Japan. A 30-minute adult wrapping session costs 3240 yen ($28), while 50 minutes inside the cloth womb costs 6480 ($56).

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