Can You Solve This Insanely Difficult Riddle That is Breaking the Internet?

teresa's mother
The latest brain teaser on the web that is causing people to go insane trying to solve it is actually a very short riddle.
If Theresa's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Theresa?
It is confusing as hell. Take a while to mull it over. Then scroll down through all the cute animal photos strategically placed to sooth your troubled mind for the answer.
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There are two correct answers: Daughter or Son-in-law, depending on whether the person speaking is female or male.
Here is how you can wrap your brain around the convoluted order of the statement.
Statement: My daughter's mother is Theresa's daughter.
Female speaker: My daughter's mother = speaker.
Therefore, statement becomes: "Speaker is Theresa's daughter."
Answer: Daughter. 
Male speaker: My daughter's mother = speaker's wife (for simplicity's sake).
Therefore, statement becomes: "Speaker's wife is Theresa's daughter."
Answer: Son-in-law.
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