Audition Videos of Famous/Infamous Celebrities

Back when they were younger, these well-known celebrities from the A-List, B-list, or the constant Rehab-list, were once struggling actors looking for their big break, or at least, had parents struggling to cash in on them.


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Naughty Nature

penis tree
We all love listening to dirty jokes, unless you are a nun, or a sad, miserable and humourless SOB. The people who do not get it, just will not be able to get it until someone explains it to them in detail, by then these people would have ruined the joke for everyone else. You do not even need to have had sex before to get it; simply do not be so dumb.


So like everyone else, aside from the dumb ones, Mother Nature herself tends to get a little frisky from time to time with her creations.


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10 Useless Websites Worth Checking Out

bored computer
How many times have you sat dazed in front of your computer screen after refreshing your Facebook feed a million times, wondering what else you can do to waste your life away?


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Top 5 Annoying People on Social Media

social media
Ever since the dawn of social media, people have been taking to it and developing their own online personalities derived from who they really are, online influences, or how they want to be perceived.  You’ve probably encountered many of the annoying ones who post exceptionally retarded comments that make you feel sorry for how the human race is turning out, or maybe you’re the one guilty of evolving backwards.



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