WTF Japan Commercials of Hollywood Celebs

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Obviously the first thing that comes to mind of Japan is not how inhumane they treated us in World War II. You think of all their weird porn, weird fetishes, weird inventions, weird merchandises, weird behaviours, weird trends, weird people, weird food, and everything else that can be weirded out.


I would have loved to share their weird porn videos with you, because I know how much everyone likes that kind of shit but alas, I fear that I might be fired if I did so. (I am already getting away with words like ‘shit’ and ‘ass’.) Therefore, I present to you the second best weird thing in Japan; Commercial videos of big-time Hollywood celebrities that were stupid enough to accept commercial deals from Japanese advertisement companies.


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Poodles Turn Out To Be Ferrets On Steriods

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Gullible bargain hunters at an outdoor market in Buenos Aires, Argentina have been duped into forking out hundreds of dollars for what they think are beautiful toy poodles, only to realize that Fido is in fact a ferret pumped up on steroids to give it a stockier look of a puppy.


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Audition Videos of Famous/Infamous Celebrities

Back when they were younger, these well-known celebrities from the A-List, B-list, or the constant Rehab-list, were once struggling actors looking for their big break, or at least, had parents struggling to cash in on them.


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Naughty Nature

penis tree
We all love listening to dirty jokes, unless you are a nun, or a sad, miserable and humourless SOB. The people who do not get it, just will not be able to get it until someone explains it to them in detail, by then these people would have ruined the joke for everyone else. You do not even need to have had sex before to get it; simply do not be so dumb.


So like everyone else, aside from the dumb ones, Mother Nature herself tends to get a little frisky from time to time with her creations.


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10 Useless Websites Worth Checking Out

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How many times have you sat dazed in front of your computer screen after refreshing your Facebook feed a million times, wondering what else you can do to waste your life away?


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