• JIAK/家: Private Home Dining with Singaporean-Style Omakase

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Can't Sit Still? Then Don't!

The solution might just be a standing desk. Standing at your desk as you work could help burn off some calories as you stretch, fiddle, tap your feet and what naught while working. 

Also, it could help you gain a better posture too. You tend to slump when you are sitting down at work, whereas when you are standing you, you are forced to push your shoulders backwards and open up your chest, which helps in your breathing as well. 

Don't be mistaken. This is not some new modern marketing stint to get you invest in new office equipment that you often quickly tire of. In fact, standing desks had been popular in homes and offices of the wealthy during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

So, you are convinced. The next step would then be, how do you get started? Really, you don't have to get started with standing up the entire day. Begin with one to two hours each day (or even just once or twice a week), before slowly increasing the frequency of standing to work. Before you know it, you might be so into work that you would've forgotten that you have been standing for a couple of hours! A friend of mine that has just started out adopting this habit finds that standing instead of sitting in the morning helps her keep awake at her somewhat boring desk-bound work! 

Now, you will be asking next: "Where can I get a standing desk?" Instead of buying an expensive setup that you aren't even sure that you would continue using, you could begin with heightening your monitor or laptop with a stool, box or whatever is stable and works so it needn't be expensive as well. Your screen should be at level with your eyes. 

You may want to start begin by bringing along comfortable shoes too – especially if your office has a shoes-on policy and if you wear heels to work. You wouldn't want to stand up the entire day in your heels, would you? Alternatively, a small soft mat would suffice if your office has a shoes-off policy. 

All these said, there aren't any studies that sufficiently support or disputes standing desks so, like most things in the world, I would suggest we take this with a pinch of salt and doing this in moderation. Regardless, standing every hour or so for every 4-5 hours you sit wouldn't be bad for you, I dare say! 


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