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Beat Post-vacation Blues

Besides having the holiday hangover, the thought of having a mountain-high pile of backlog often gets me down even before the end of my vacation. After enjoying yourself sipping cocktails by the pretty beaches of Maldives, you wouldn't be able to adjust back to being confined in a dull, dreary cubicle, would you?

To overcome this, some careful planning must be done.

1. Plan your Return

Planning your vacation ensures a relaxing time – for a short while of about a week or two. On the other hand, planning your return after the vacation would ensure a relaxing time even after you get back to work.

First up, I would always recommend taking an extra day off or returning from my holiday one day in advance, instead of returning right back to work. On top of work piling up, the laundry, an empty fridge and a house that requires some upkeeping would make you dread returning back from vacation even more. Jet lag is another factor to keep in mind. Hence, setting a buffer time before your return would help reduce the stress as well as dreading the return.

2. Adjust Expectations

Some people go away on a vacation expecting to return without problems prior the sojourn. Others expect way too much for their holiday such as excellent food and perfect service despite shallow pockets. And when they do not achieve all these expectations upon their return, they may feel all the more frustrated and dissatisfied.

3. Reflect

One of the greatest reasons contributing to post-vacation blues is often attributed for a lack of interest in your job. This, then, perhaps would be a good time to reflect and evaluate if the job is really worth you slogging half your life away for. Or could there be a job that would have you looking forward to getting back to work?

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