Insight: Raffles Place

By Steve Phua

Raffles Place is a place that holds much meaning for many; it is where many graduates begin a new chapter of their life after several years of academic education – that is, work.

The Central Business District has always been a part of Singapore that is flooded with professionals, white-collar workers and other busy worker bees. Hence, it is no surprise that surrounding the area are high scrapers filled with several major offices such as UOB Plaza, OCBC Centre, Robinsons, John Little, and several more shopping malls to cater to these groups of working adults.  


There is always a stream of people walking out of Raffles Place Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station, especially during the morning peak hours, where people are rushing to be in time for work.


Chevron House is one of the first buildings you will see upon you stepping out of the MRT station. It houses several food stalls, retailers, florists, and even small businesses like nail parlour, which has proven itself as a popular lunchtime relaxation activity.


Makeshift stalls, usually selling newspapers, provide other daily essentials for the throngs of workers that pass through the square too.


Located just a street away from Raffles Place MRT station is a salient statue of Botero Big Bird, which serves as a significant figure of peace and prosperity. It is a common place for commuters to pack their lunches and sit by Botero’s masterpiece while gently gazing out at the river and enjoying their meals peacefully.


Come evening, besides public transport, the volume of private vehicles and taxis entering Raffles Place to drop or pick up customers in the Central Business District (CBD) surges sky high.

Singapore is known as a fast-paced working society. But while working in the CBD often provides us with a stable and even good salary, it comes with a significant amount of stress too. Hence, having a place or two in the CBD that allows one to calm their mind and sort out their thoughts in the midst of their work is much welcomed.


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