Insight: Life’s a journey

By Michelle Koh

This is dedicated to my favourite couples, who have openly shared with me their lives. I could just offer but a glimpse into the life that they have so openly shared with me. Here’s to everyone else who met their other half whilst in university, and looking to spend your lives together after graduation.


A chance meeting in school.

A bond forged by a common spiritual understanding.

Nobody said it was easy, certainly they had their tiffs, misunderstandings and tears. He liked Green, she loved Purple.



But they battled through. Despite their differences, they worked it out together.

One graduated before the other; it was difficult adjusting when they saw each other at school almost everyday. He had to go overseas frequently as part of his job orientation; she waited faithfully as she studied, graduated and finally entered the working world.

He proposed. Thrown by surprise, but she eventually accepted.


It was more than a union between just the 2 of them- it was a union of families, diverse backgrounds, different cultures and race. But they made it work. The two colors found some way to match.


What brings two people together and keep them holding on till the end? Is it not a commitment to one another that transcends education, common interests, friends and work?


It is also willingness to give and take, to submit and to love, and an other-person centeredness that aims to bring out the best in each other’s unique personalities and preferences. The idea that two people can stand as individuals, and yet when together, create an artwork far better than if they were apart.


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